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We believe that we have created the most effective form of home scenting available today.  Americans spend 2 billion dollars every year just on candles. But candles only scent one room temporarily, they’re expensive, and most emit toxic chemicals. So, how do you scent every room safely and economically? With a product you already own, and a product you already have to replace regularly. FragranceFilters™ are Scented Indoor Air Filters that clean the air while filling your entire home in seconds every time your HVAC comes on.

You get a home that smells fresh every day, your air quality is excellent for you and your family, and your HVAC system lasts longer.

Our Story

An artist and an actuary walk into a bar . . . (kidding) WhatBox Inc., makers of FragranceFilters™, is the product of a recovering sculptor desperate to make consumer goods that are practical and useful, but also creative. And the perfect antithesis to a recovering artist is a jaded mathematician both of whom believe their part in the world is to build, give, and leave it better than your found it for future generations.

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